Prezi of Princesses

For my English Informatics class, a textual analysis class, I was to choose three texts and compare them based on analysis. I chose three Disney princess film scripts to portray how women’s roles have evolved through the time periods the films were produced. In preparation for our final project, in which I would produce results through analyzing the texts,  I was to create a presentation that depicted the background of the texts as well as what I planned for my final project. I also posted a link to an infographic that portrayed the films on a timeline.  I used the presentation software, Prezi, which uses whiteboards and slides, all on one canvas which is able to zoom in. Click the link below to view the prezi!

Gender Roles Portrayed in Disney Princess Films

Media & Design

Media and art is not only pleasing to the eye, but also the heart and mind. It contains a message, whether apparent or hidden. It can make one ponder its very existence, question one’s views on life or see something in a whole new light. It is learning to appreciate the little things, stopping to smell the roses and accepting the misunderstood. The desire to express myself in writing, as well as media and design, has lingered in my soul throughout my life and Dakota State University has allowed me to indulge in what strikes me as beautiful as well as functional.

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Writing is a method of expression as well as influencing the fellow reader. I have always felt a sense of belonging while scribbling my thoughts on paper. A blank page, to me, is a limitless amount of possibilities. Will this be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, analysis or all of the above? What I could not even whisper out loud, I could scream on paper. Now that I have studied my passions within my major of English for New Media, I possess a collection of writings with even more potential to compose more.

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“Writing and reading decrease our sense of isolation. They deepen and widen and expand our sense of life: they feed the soul” (Anne Lamot).

TC Bookstore Newspaper Ad

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This newspaper ad was created in InDesign in my Desktop Publishing class. The objective was to choose a client and create three publications for that client. This was one of the three. I created this ad to draw customers to the bookstore during the Christmas season.

Praises from His Sunshine

I composed this poem in my Creative Writing class. The objective of this assignment was to compose an ACTS poem, which stands for Appreciation, Confession, Thankfulness, and Supplication, or a request. I was to choose someone worthy of praise whether it was someone in history, a religious figure, or someone close to me.  I chose to write about my father as I am quite close to my family, but I have always been a Daddy’s girl.

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