Cell Phone Photo

During my Photography II class, where we utilized a digital camera and edited photos in Photoshop, I took this photo for the cell phone photo assignment. The object of the assignment was to take a photo of something using our cell phone camera, blow it up to about 8 X 11 in Photoshop, print, and mat the photo to be hung in  Beadle Hall, the College of Arts and Sciences at DSU. Since most of my classmates have a data phone, such as the iPhone, this would not be a problem. The challenge for me, on the other hand, was that I only possessed a basic LG Cosmos 2 cell phone. This phone includes a camera, but it is only 1.3 megapixels. My professor was pleased, however, that I was able to print it at 8 X 11 and hardly notice that it was taken with a lower quality camera.

Cell Phone Photo


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