Scale Discrepancy

For this assignment, done in Photography II, where we used a digital camera to take photos, and Photoshop to edit them, I was to take a photo of myself and scale myself down to a small size or up to a large size. The photo of me would be placed inside another photo, in order to compare how small or large I was. I chose to photograph the top of the neck of an electric guitar with emphasis on the tuners. The goal was to have the object and myself photographed in the same type of lighting. I then positioned myself to look like I was sitting on the tuner of the guitar and had a friend photograph it. In Photoshop, I cut myself out of the photo and placed myself in the photo of the guitar. I had to scale myself down, as as well as burn and dodge myself to match  the lighting of the guitar photo. I also had to create a shadow behind myself. Overall, I feel the photo met the goal of depicting extreme scale discrepancy.

Scale  Discrepancy