This poem was written in my Creative Writing I class. The objective was simple: write a love poem. This was one of the hardest poems I had ever written. Although I was inspired, it was almost as if I was too inspired that I was thinking too hard about writing this poem. After many frustrating hours, I was finally happy with my draft of my love poem about my boyfriend.

I heeded your beckoning

Rushed to your aid.

(Your reason minor, but no matter.)

Escorted by starlight

No intended direction.

You were my escape

From things once significant

But suddenly not.

My heart like shattered glass

And you, the glue.

Spirits awakened, thoughts crazed–

A twirling dance.

Pursued desire on whim,

A carousal spinning with emotion.

Chivalry shown in an act of request

A spell put to rest

Solving the riddle of destiny.

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