Utopia Disturbed

This poem was written in my Creative Writing I class. The objective for this poem was to write an elegy about the events that took place in Madison, South Dakota on February 2, 2012. This was shocking news for a town of six thousand, where everyone thought they felt safe. This poem is a response to the events of that night for the poet.

Dusk settles over comatose streets

Of ostensive utopia.

Atmospheric silence—familiar noise

Interrupted by torment of the innocent.

Mayhem rises to power;

Sanctuary no more.
Ribbons of yellow invade

once quaint home.

Porches illuminate the night

providing no escape.

Haven devastated

sleepy residents.
Demise evoked by vengeance

Stains environment of whimsy.

Grounds of romance—of blooming life;

An enchantment of delight—of remembrance–

Of tranquility and bliss–

Scarred by stolen life.

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