Hand Colored Lake Scene

For this assignment in Photography I, I was to shoot or find a photograph I could hand color. I decided to shoot a fishing pole beside a lake in honor of my Grandfather, who passed away in October of 2012, as he was a fisherman. This proved to be slightly difficult as it was winter when this project was assigned. I traveled to Lake Madison, located southwest of Madison, South Dakota, to shoot a roll of film. I placed the fishing pole between some rocks and shot the pole along with the shore and lake in the background. The way the lake was frozen made it look like the waves were crashing on shore on film. After the long process of developing the photo on fiber based paper, I let the photo dry overnight. I then selected colors to use and rubbed the color onto the photograph, which was not simple as it needed to appear even throughout. This was my favorite project during this class.

Hand coloring photo

Hand coloring photo


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