Praises from His Sunshine

I composed this poem in my Creative Writing class. The objective of this assignment was to compose an ACTS poem, which stands for Appreciation, Confession, Thankfulness, and Supplication, or a request. I was to choose someone worthy of praise whether it was someone in history, a religious figure, or someone close to me.  I chose to write about my father as I am quite close to my family, but I have always been a Daddy’s girl.

My hard stare into eyes of bliss

Began a bond

Worthy of reminisce.

Lullabies of happiness in skies of grey.

I was your ray of sunlight

You never wished away.


Forgive my mistakes, past.

My heart, ashamed

For my selfish ways.

Sorry I could not amaze

Still, pride remains in your gaze.


My needs prevailed,

Yours inferior.

Your sympathy never failed

For every whim or tale.

Gratitude will never suffice

For the tears dried,

Or endless words of advice

Molding me.


One request I require

Of one who has granted many.

Your ways must never retire

Someday it’s my turn

And I only hope

I’ll be like Dad.

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