Gender Roles Portrayed in Disney Princess Films: Depictions of Time Periods

I composed this analysis in my English Informatics class, a textual analysis class. The objective of this assignment was to write a ten page analysis on three different texts. In this case, I analyzed three Disney princess film scripts. I enjoyed researching this topic as well as composing it as I grew up with Disney films. There were moments, however, when I felt my entire childhood views on Disney films, especially princess films, were shattered. There were other moments when I was intrigued by how the portrayal of women has drastically changed in Disney film history.


Nostalgia for Child’s Play

This poem was composed in my Creative Writing I class. The objective was to write a poem about a place and incorporate all five senses within the poem. I especially enjoyed writing this poem as the lake was one of my favorite places growing up. Not only is it a beautiful environment, but it is also a place full of memories spent with family. This poem holds a special place in my heart as my grandfather also enjoyed spending time fishing and hosting family gatherings with my grandmother at their home on the lake. When my grandfather passed in October 2012, this poem was displayed at his funeral, as I remember him telling me he had tears in his eyes when the poem was read to him.

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Saving the Inner Child

During my Contemporary Rhetoric class, where we discussed rhetoric that applies to today’s society and media, we were to create a public service announcement. The public service announcement could relate to a narrative we had written previously in that class, or something completely different. I chose to reflect the “moral” to my narrative I had written. The story starred my father in his early twenties and how he and some friends caused some shenanigans by throwing tomatoes at cars. The moral to the story was to hold on to the inner child, even into adulthood. I thought this would be a fitting topic as college graduation was soon approaching for me. I wanted to use the metaphor of throwing tomatoes as a way to convey holding on to the inner child. I also wanted to incorporate my father as it was his story to begin with, and he would make an excellent spokesperson.