DSU English for New Media Promotional Video

For the final project of my Foundations of New Media class, I was to create some sort of media portraying the English for New Media degree. I, as well as two of my classmates, chose to construct a promotional video for the program as it is a fairly new program and the only one of its kind in the country. One of the primary audiences is employers. This major is unheard of for many employers or they just do not know much about it. With this video, it will not only educate employers about the degree, but also potentially create more jobs for graduates. The other primary audience is potential English for New Media students. Why not portray a media degree with media? These future students, or students planning to switch majors, will get a much better idea about what English for New Media is. The video may even recruit more students into the program.

It was fairly difficult to be able to meet with my group members since everyone has a busy schedule. The use of Dropbox and Facebook messaging came in handy to communicate and share ideas virtually. We were able to meet a few times to work on the project as well. I was able to film while interviewing English faculty as well as students for the project. We initially wanted to incorporate more computer recordings, using Camtasia Studio 8, of media tools and other aspects such as Voyant Tools and Facebook. On account of time, we decided to cut most of those and stick to the interviews. A lengthy video will not hold the attention of employers and/or students if it’s too long, so we stuck to the basics. The process of editing was tedious as we used Windows Movie Maker 2.6, which tends to freeze up on the user multiple times, so constant saving is a must. The end result was quite rewarding, however.

Without further ado, here is our English for New Media promotional video! Enjoy!

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