Gender Roles Portrayed in Disney Princess Films: Depictions of Time Periods

I composed this analysis in my English Informatics class, a textual analysis class. The objective of this assignment was to write a ten page analysis on three different texts. In this case, I analyzed three Disney princess film scripts. I enjoyed researching this topic as well as composing it as I grew up with Disney films. There were moments, however, when I felt my entire childhood views on Disney films, especially princess films, were shattered. There were other moments when I was intrigued by how the portrayal of women has drastically changed in Disney film history.


The Real World and the Dream: Society Portrayed through Avatar

I completed this final paper for my Sociology and Technology class where we discussed the basics of sociology as well as how technology affects it. For this assignment, I was to choose one of the provided films and analyze it based on what we learned throughout the class. This analysis was considered our final test, so there were specific requirements for the sources we used such as two different discussion posts made in class, different topics from the text, and outside sources we used for assignments. I chose the film Avatar as it depicts many aspects of society and technology today.

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Business versus Pleasure: Varying Views of Marriage of The Importance of Being Earnest

 I wrote this analysis in my The Evolving Stage class where we read and discussed popular plays and their meanings. The objective of this assignment was to analyze a play we have read in class. I chose to analyze the play The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. I focused on the idea of marriage during the time period the play was written which was the nineteenth century. I discussed the different views of marriage portrayed in the play and compared them to today’s ideas of marriage. I quite enjoyed reading and analyzing this humorous drama.

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The Cost of Happiness: The Utopian Worlds of Omelas and Pleasantville

I completed this analysis for my Media Studies class, where we read text and compared them to films we viewed in class. For this analysis, we were to choose any of the texts and/or films we discussed in class and write an analysis comparing one text and one film on how they are similar. I chose a text we read in class, “The Ones who Walk Away from Omelas,” and a film I have watched outside of class, Pleasantville, which both resemble utopian societies with a price.

FinalAnalysis_Media Studies

The Deep, Dark Secrets Behind the Fairy Tale

I wrote this analysis in my Applied Literary Criticism class where we discussed different ways of analyzing text through the different types of literary criticisms. The objective of this assignment was to choose one of the commercials we previously viewed in class and write an analysis on it using one of the literary criticisms. I chose to write about Taylor Swift’s fragrance, “Wonderstruck,” by using deconstructive criticism.

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