Making a Difference: The Process of Writing Collaboratively

This composition was written for my Computer Supported Collaborative Writing  class, a class that taught how to write collaboratively as well as produce and present ideas for clients. This class challenged us students as it was taught online. Alternative ways of communicating were utilized such as Skype, Facebook, email, and Google Docs. The objective of this assignment was to reflect on the class as a whole as well as the product we produced and presented. Here I discuss this as well as the event we chose to create and work collaboratively on. 

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E.A.T.S.E. Presentation

For my Computer Supported Collaborative Writing class, my group was to create a presentation our program, E.A.T.S.E., as if we were presenting it to a potential client. We used Microsoft PowerPoint to place images and text onto the slides and Camtasia Studio, a tool that captures what occurs on one’s computer screen, to record our voices for each slide. I spoke about the Benefits to the Sioux Empire and the Benefits to Participating Restaurants. Since the PowerPoint does contain voice recordings, click on the link below to download the presentation.

E.A.T.S.E. PowerPoint