DSU English for New Media Promotional Video

For the final project of my Foundations of New Media class, I was to create some sort of media portraying the English for New Media degree. I, as well as two of my classmates, chose to construct a promotional video for the program as it is a fairly new program and the only one of its kind in the country. One of the primary audiences is employers. This major is unheard of for many employers or they just do not know much about it. With this video, it will not only educate employers about the degree, but also potentially create more jobs for graduates. The other primary audience is potential English for New Media students. Why not portray a media degree with media? These future students, or students planning to switch majors, will get a much better idea about what English for New Media is. The video may even recruit more students into the program.

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Saving the Inner Child

During my Contemporary Rhetoric class, where we discussed rhetoric that applies to today’s society and media, we were to create a public service announcement. The public service announcement could relate to a narrative we had written previously in that class, or something completely different. I chose to reflect the “moral” to my narrative I had written. The story starred my father in his early twenties and how he and some friends caused some shenanigans by throwing tomatoes at cars. The moral to the story was to hold on to the inner child, even into adulthood. I thought this would be a fitting topic as college graduation was soon approaching for me. I wanted to use the metaphor of throwing tomatoes as a way to convey holding on to the inner child. I also wanted to incorporate my father as it was his story to begin with, and he would make an excellent spokesperson.

Introduction to English for New Media

I completed this brief video clip in my Foundations of New Media class, a class that introduces the English for New Media degree. The object of the assignment was to take the text, English for New Media, and create a short video portraying the text in a creative way. I chose to use Photo Story 3 for Windows, a program that allows the user to utilize images, text, voice recordings, audio, and visual effects to create a story. The concept of my video was to portray the classic aspects of English in the beginning and the new, technical characteristics toward the end. I published my video clip to my YouTube channel for easy access and viewing.

Prezi of Princesses

For my English Informatics class, a textual analysis class, I was to choose three texts and compare them based on analysis. I chose three Disney princess film scripts to portray how women’s roles have evolved through the time periods the films were produced. In preparation for our final project, in which I would produce results through analyzing the texts,  I was to create a presentation that depicted the background of the texts as well as what I planned for my final project. I also posted a link to an infographic that portrayed the films on a timeline.  I used the presentation software, Prezi, which uses whiteboards and slides, all on one canvas which is able to zoom in. Click the link below to view the prezi!

Gender Roles Portrayed in Disney Princess Films