Grace Wright: Senior 2019

I was asked to take photos of my husband’s cousin on their farm by Brandon, South Dakota. It was my first time taking senior photos, but I think they captured the essences of a young farm girl who loves her home and her dog.

Click the photos below to view a glimpse of Grace’s senior photographs.

Bender Branson Vacation

Every year, my in-laws and I take a week-long, vacation to Branson, Missouri. Not to experience the usual musical productions, but to take in the beautiful autumn foliage and twinkling holiday lights at Silver Dollar City. The weather is divine; the food – mouthwatering doesn’t even begin to describe it (if you ask the locals where to go that is); the atmosphere – magical and memorable.

Click the photos below to view my favorite captured moments from our 2017 trip.


Summer Days…

A collection of various snapshots during the sweltering season that is summer in South Dakota. (I favor the crisp autumn, but summer has its perks.)

Click the photos below to experience the beauty and slow paced days that is summer.

Waco, Texas Trip: Yes, we visited the Silos

In March of 2018, my husband and I drove 13 hours south to Waco, Texas to visit a friend of his, explore an unseen state and, most importantly, visit the infamous Fixer Upper sites, including the Silos! The experience was overwhelming, new and quite hot. (How is it 90 degrees in March?!) Although we determined we would probably melt if we stayed any longer, the experience was well worth it.

Click the images below to view a portion of our Texan vacation.


First film print: Simple Flowers

I photographed this image of flowers on a 35 mm camera in my Photography I class where we learned about the processes of taking photographs using film and the developing process. We also learned about composition, aperture, shutter speed, contrast, and presentation. I took this photograph on my first roll of film for the class and we were to choose one of our best shots and develop it on 8 X 10 paper.

Guitar Photo Montage

I shot this photograph using a 35mm film camera for my Photography I class. The object of the assignment was to shoot an abstract image that is still recognizable, and add at least four layers to it after developing the photo. I borrowed my friend’s black Fender Squier single cut electric guitar and shot it at an angle. After developing four copies of the photo, I cut out the four pieces I would add layers to, and dry mounted them to either mat board or foam board to create the layers. I then dry mounted these pieces to the original photograph. I added two pieces of foam board between my mat board of the entire photograph to give it more depth and add to the effect of the layers. This was the most challenging assignment for me during that class.

Photo Montage

Photo Montage

Photo montage close up

Photo montage close up

Hand Colored Lake Scene

For this assignment in Photography I, I was to shoot or find a photograph I could hand color. I decided to shoot a fishing pole beside a lake in honor of my Grandfather, who passed away in October of 2012, as he was a fisherman. This proved to be slightly difficult as it was winter when this project was assigned. I traveled to Lake Madison, located southwest of Madison, South Dakota, to shoot a roll of film. I placed the fishing pole between some rocks and shot the pole along with the shore and lake in the background. The way the lake was frozen made it look like the waves were crashing on shore on film. After the long process of developing the photo on fiber based paper, I let the photo dry overnight. I then selected colors to use and rubbed the color onto the photograph, which was not simple as it needed to appear even throughout. This was my favorite project during this class.

Hand coloring photo

Hand coloring photo